Why Your Company Needs To Manage It’s Reputation

Reputation and Review Management

For many years now we have had a company booking events into bars, clubs and venues. The reason we began to look seriously into Review and Reputation Management was because we realised that many people, before choosing which venue to hold their event in, checked online reviews.

More often than not we were told the venues groups did not want to go to based purely on online reviews of past customers who had been to that particular venue.

It became clear to us that the reputation of any business could be destroyed by negative online reviews.

Recommendations pre-internet

Before the internet was so popular, people sought recommendations for services and businesses from friends. A good recommendation would possibly guide you in that company’s direction. More than a few positive recommendations for the same company and you would almost certainly give them your business.

Just one poor review of a business from a friend would do the opposite. It only takes one bad review to put most people off doing business with a company.

This didn’t matter too much as the bad reviews were limited to a small geographical area and to the number of people wo asked that person for a recommendation

That all changed with the internet

The Internet Changed the World of Business Reviews

Most people will still possibly still seek personal recommendations from friends and colleagues. However it is so quick and easy to pop onto the internet and get reviews from lots of different people in an instant.

Not only that but before the internet you would probably not find too many people going out of their way to shout about poor service or a bad product. Now you will find people regularly leaving good and more especially bad reviews about companies.

Good and Bad

The fact that people are now leaving reviews online is good for some companies and very bad for others.

Businesses who get good reviews will get more and more business. However just a few poor reviews online can kill a companies reputation. Too many negative reviews and it could spell disaster for any company

The answer

The answer to making sure your company reputation is seen as being in good standing is to respond to good and bad reviews left by past customers.

Thank people for leaving good reviews and politely respond to people who leave poor reviews. Use a reputation management software to quickly and easily manage and respond to all your company reviews. This way you will build your reputation and attract more customers