Why Niche Marketing is Better Than Mass Marketing


Niche Marketing Versus Mass Marketing

Niche marketing involves selling a specific product and targeting a specific group of people.

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Targeting a Smaller Audience

At the beginning of the internet revolution, I remember reading that one of the most visited websites was one that concentrated only on Vintage Mini Cars.  The website owner could have built a site about transportation, or one which looked at all motor vehicles, or even at small vehicles. Instead they concentrated on a brand of car called a Mini. Not only that, they kept the information on their site to information only about Vintage Minis. This would, on the face of it be a bit niche to be a highly viewed website. Instead it was one of the most visited sites on the whole world wide web.

Why does niche work?

Having a niche product means that you can target a niche audience. In the above example anyone in the world looking for information on Vintage Mini Cars, and there are many of them, knew exactly where to go when looking for that product. They knew the website was an authority on this product as they weren’t distracted by other products. They were not a jack of all trades so attracted people who were seriously interested in their product.

Target Audience

Targeting the Masses

When asked who their target market is, many business owners gave the same answer. Everyone.

While this might sound like a good plan of action, in fact that approach is where many of small business owners fall down. Marketing or advertising a general product to the general public will be less successful and much more expensive than targeting a specific audience with a specific product.

Let’s go back to the Vintage Mini Website example. If the owners decided to place an advert online or in a physical motor magazine, they would have a choice to make. They could either advertise in a very general motor magazine or site or could take out an ad in a magazine or site dedicated to Vintage Mini users? On the face of it logic would tell you to place the advert in the publication with the higher readership. That would be the general publication. However in reality this is a huge mistake.

Even if the general interest motor magazine had more readers the small business owner should always go for advertising in the niche publication. By advertising in the niche magazine or site their target audience is more focused. The only people who read Vintage Mini Car magazines or visit similar sites are people genuinely interested in that product. The advert in the general publication will be skimmed over by most of the readers with only a few vintage mini enthusiasts noticing it.

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Excluding Customers

Small companies should always target a niche market and leave mass marketing to the big companies with deep pockets. The big companies are more interested in getting their brand out there for people to see. This is more important to them than getting actual sales from the marketing they do.

Marketing to the masses is similar to shooting an arrow into the fog and hoping you will hit something. Sometimes you will hit the target but more often than not you won’t. To be a successful small business marketer you need laser-like marketing to a narrow audience. This is your niche audience.

Why Limit Your Market?

There are quite a few reasons to limit the market you sell to:

1. As a small business you probably have a limited marketing budget. So spend your money wisely.

2. Your targeted advert will be relevant to the audience you are looking to attract to your business.

3. Your advert won’t get missed in the crowd of many other adverts, which it would if placed in a general publication.

4. You and your business become a big fish in a small pond.

5. People searching for your product will find it easily because search engines also like niche products. There are fewer companies offering the niche product and so your site can be much higher in search visibility than a general website.

Become an expert in your niche area of business and dominate that space. People will recognise you as the go-to business for that product.

People in a niche market tend to hang out with people with similar interests. Rock and Roll Music lovers tend to have friends with similar music taste. Pregnant mothers usually meet up with other mums expecting a baby. Golfers love talking about golf with other golfers.

Give a fantastic service to your niche customers by selling them your niche product and your happy customers will recommend your business to other people who are also interested in it. This is smart marketing because it costs you nothing.

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