Why Asking WHY Can Increase Your Profit

The 5 Levels of Why in Business – Why Asking ‘Why’ Could Boost Your Profits

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Asking why is one of the best ways to get to the answer or any business question.

Children ask why all the time. Why? Because they children tent to be direct and if they want to know something they just ask why! Business owners could take a leaf out of this lesson.

Asking why 5 times will allow business owners to brainstorm with themselves or with others. They will get clearer answers to any business question by taking small steps. Trying to answer big questions in one step is like trying to climb a mountain in a day.

Find out why asking ‘why’ could help your business decision making, increase the profit and improve the reputation of your company

Asking 5 times

But asking why to the same question over and over again will not work. Asking why to the answer of each answer you get works well.

Again let’s consider the child asking a question why. There is a huge difference between the 2 examples below.

Example 1.

Child: Daddy can I stay up late tonight.
Father: No
Chile: Why?
Father: I said No
Child: Why?
Father: Stop asking. I said no already

Example 2.

Child: Daddy can I stay up late tonight.
Father: No
Chile: Why?
Father: Because you have an early start in the morning
Child: Why?
Father: Because we are all going to visit gran

Notice the difference
In example one the father was simply answering the child’s original question and going round in circles. In the second example he answered each time the question why to the last answer he gave.

5 Why’s Business Video

In the short video below you will see how asking why at 5 different levels will answer any business question you have.

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