What is an amazon alexa skill_

If you’re wondering what Amazon Alexa skill is, it’s best to think of them in terms that most of us are used to.  Amazon Alexa skills are apps that you control and navigate by using your voice. There are 1000’s of skills and loads are getting made every day, so if you’ve not tried it yet, you should get yourself a device or even install amazons free app.

Amazon also has it’s skill store, which again is comparable to app stores that you may be used to on your iPhone or Android play store.

If you like that you should definitely check out the main skill stores and have a look about here;

Visit the UK Amazon skill store
Visit the USA Amazon skill store

To get your head around Amazon Alexa skills isn’t always easy, but through these explanations, we shine a light on a few of the important terms you’ll want to grasp.

You can take this one step further and create your own skills. It’s so much simpler than you might think. You don’t need to understand computer code, or anything more difficult than drag and drop.

how to make amazon alexa skills
Ready for more? Find out the definition of an Alexa invocation name here

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