What is amazon alexa intent

What is intent in relation to Alexa?

When it comes to your Amazon Alexa skill, intent refers to what the user intends to do with your skill. There are skills available where you can launch and give intent , where the skill will jump straight to a section within the skill that the user wants to go to.

For example “Alexa, Ask Daily Horoscopes about Taurus”. This phrase would open the skill with the invocation name “daily horoscopes” and jump to the relevant response beside “Taurus”.

If the user did not use a launch phrase with intent, then the skill may have started by asking something like “which star sign would you like to hear the horoscope for?” To which the user would then supply Alexa with their intent, which is to hear the Taurus horoscope.

Check out this short video explaining it further.

What is amazon alexa intent

Have you thought of making a skill to tell folks some fun facts about your local city, or country? There are people in the world who love these information skills, so try making them yourself.

how to make amazon alexa skills

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