What are Alexa Flash Briefings

What is an Alexa Flash Briefing?

If you’ve never heard of it before, it sounds strange, but it’ll soon become second nature. Amazon Alexa flash briefings are pieces of content held within your skill, that are updated when new content is published.

For example, a news reporting skill will update the headlines frequently. Whenever a user launches their skill, the headlines are relevant. Similarly, a horoscope skill will update their skill daily to give new information frequently. Or even a business may use flash briefings to play a recording of their latest blog, podcast, or message.

Flash Briefing skills can contain multiple feeds, and a feed can contain up to five items that are read or played to the customer

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation

What is an amazon alexa flash briefing
Have you ever written a short story and didn’t know whether the story would go one way or another?  Well you can tell stories with your alexa skills. not only that, but you can get the listener to interact with your story, and determine which way they want to hear the way the plot can go.
how to make amazon alexa skills

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