Thomas Cook Customers Will Still Get Their Holiday Through Fred Olsen

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Fred Olsen Honours Thomas Cook Passengers

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines have told people who booked through the the now defunct travel agent Thomas Cook that their holiday is safe.

Your Thomas Cook holiday is safe with Fred. Olsen

Following the news that Thomas Cook has ceased trading, we would like to assure our guests that any cruise booking made through Thomas Cook (as agents for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines), will be honoured by Fred. Olsen. Please click here for more information.

Updated: 24/09/19 at 08:09

According to their website Fred Olsen have taken the worry out of what could have been a huge problem for their cruise guests. This will come as a relief to all those worried passengers, This type of service is one reason why, according to Feefo, Fred Olsen gets and average of 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 30,000 past passengers.

When Companies Give a 5 Star service

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When a company gives good service people talk about it. A good customer experience will spread like wild fire.

No matter if they are sailing the seven seas on a Fred Olsen cruise or buying a widget from the local shop, people will talk about the service they have had.

In the ‘Good Old Days‘  people recommended a business to friends and neighbours. However these days they can tell the world. The internet has changed everything. Your business reputation travels the world as people talk about their good and not so good experiences of buying from you.

So is your business like Fred Olsen when it comes to delivering good service or do your past customers leave poor reviews about their shopping experience with you?

3 Tips about Your Online Reviews

  1. Know that people are talking about your business. Whether you like it or not. People are talking about your business and leaving reviews about the service they received. Make sure you have Review Management Software to keep up to date with what people are saying.
  2. Always reply to online reviews. Reply to all online reviews, even the bad ones. People read the reviews but they also read your replies. Replying to good online reviews is polite and a great opportunity to promote your business further. Replying to poor online reviews shows you care.
  3. Take reviews seriously. Many people, including yourself probably. Will not visit a business if they have a 3 star review average or lower. By having a 4 or 5 star average review you will gain a better reputation and more customers.
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