The attraction revolution.

More and more people are beginning to realise that attraction is not all about physical appearance. There will always be people for whom looks come way before anything else when it comes to finding a partner. But most people are rejecting this idea. Attracting your ideal partner is much more than your appearance.

Of course, looks are important and looking after your body is vital for your physical well-being.. But if appearance was the only criteria for two people being attracted to each other then most people would never be in a relationship.

What is the attraction revolution?

There are many elements to being a human being Physical and Emotional. Put simply our physical being is all about our body while our emotional being is about everything else.

Our body is made up of internal organs and outward features. Our emotional side is made up of our thoughts, emotions and spiritualism.

While it is important for us to look our best and take care of our physical body when it comes to attracting a partner, our emotional side is as possibly more important. Of course, someone may be instantly attracted to you because of how you look. However the attraction can disappear just as fast if your heart and soul are not a match.


Attractive appearance

Your physical appearance is important as it is often the first impression to getting someone interested in talking with you.

Now let me be clear, I don’t mean you need to be pretty, handsome or good looking to have someone talk with you. You should be presented well physically to offer the best opportunities to getting people to get to know your emotional side.

So, the attraction revolution is about people having begun to realise that for long-lasting attraction in a relationship the emotional attraction needs to be considered just as much as the physical. A person can keep themselves looking good and be attractive to people for a short time.

Being emotionally attractive is key to keeping your partner attracted to you.

5 steps to staying emotionally attractive

  1. Live your authentic self – Do not try to be someone you are not.
  2. Be open, honest and caring for those you know and to those you don’t.
  3. Try to be emotionally adventurous – Lightness and fun in a relationship is very attractive.
  4. Ignite the magic every day – So many people think that once you are in a relationship you don’t need to be emotionally attractive. People who think like that are wrong.
  5. Be attracted to yourself. After all, if you don’t find yourself attractive, how can you expect anyone else to find you attractive.

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