Public speaking at a corporate seminar
When a public speaker speaks to a group of businesswomen and businessmen there are a few things to consider.

Don’t make it a speech

The best way a speaker can motivate the audience in a business seminar is by connecting with them. Connecting with your audience means that you cannot simply read from a script. When you hear the term Business Seminar, you tend to think of dull and boringly long talks with lots of numbers and charts that you simply cannot understand. The best way to draft out your business presentation is to make a detailed outline of headlines, not sentences. That’s the trick – you need cues not sentences or paragraphs to read. After all you should know the topic on which you speak inside out.

State a fact then give an example

When you are talking at a business seminar, you do not have to be funny or be much of a storyteller. You can go with the fact – example approach. This is what you do when you state a fact then back it up with an interesting example.

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Hire a copywriter

Hiring a speechwriter may be one of the best things a speaker can do. If you are hiring one then make sure you hire a good one. A copywriter will highlight the key points that you need to make. This will bring value to whatever you are presenting and will make your seminar more than dramatic. Speech writers are able to write your talk in a way that will allow you to deliver it with passion and clarity. People will be engaged and might even tweet the tweet-able bits.

Be clear about your core message

Your core message should only be a couple of lines long. These few lines should be an incorporation of all the ideas that you want to send across in the presentation. If you are not clear on the basic core message that you want to give then your audience will be unclear about it too.

How to take a memorable seminar


Keep It Simple Stupid. One of the most important ways to make your talk stick in peoples’ memories is to make it simple. Make your core message simple and clear. Expand your message during your talk. Then leave them again with your clear and simple message.

Don’t stick to just one medium

You do not want your talk to be all over the place. But if it is appropriate try to include music to set the vibe right or illustrations to make a point. Remember your aim is to get your message across. So do what it takes to get their attention and keep it.

Be yourself

You may be talking to a group of business people. But you want to come across as personable, honest and knowledgeable. If you are giving a talk then you should already be all of these. So pass it onto your audience.

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