Promote Your Business Without Paying For Ads


Conventional Advertising

There are numerous ways for a business owner to promote his or her business. However most of them cost lots of money or lots of time or both.

Conventional methods of promotion like radio, television or newspaper advertising can be a bit of a hit or miss. Firstly you need to have people watch, listen or read the media in which you have placed your advert. Then you just hope that they notice it. And most importantly of all you need them to take action. You need the shopper to call you or visit your premises. As I say, it is a bit hit or miss and can cost lots of money.

It is true that there is a place for this type of promotion. After all $151bn was spent on advertising in 2018 in the USA. So it must work for some businesses.

Advertising Online

You could invest in advertising online. After all this is where many people choose to spend much of their time. There are Facebook Ads and Google Ads to name a few. While this kind of advertising is certainly more targeted because of Facebook pixels, it is still a bit hit or miss. And again, it can cost a fair amount of money.

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Promoting on Social Media

You can also promote your business on the social media platforms.

There are a few ways to get promoted on social media. You can set up an account on Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then promote your products and services as much as you want for free. The problem here is that you need to somehow get people to follow your account and that can take a while

You can also use paid averts on these platforms or use an influencer to promote your product. But again this can be very expensive.


Free Targeted Promotion

It is very simple to get promotion for your business that is targeted and completely free. The best way to get this free targeted promotion is to encourage word of moth recommendations for your business.

Its free because you are not going to be paying past customers to tell others about the great service you offer. They will happy do that for you because they want to tell their friends and family where to go so as to get the best service.

This type of promotion is targeted because when people ask other people where to shop, they are already in the market to buy.

Business Recommendations Online and Offline

Offline recommendations happen through word of mouth. Imagine a conversation like this.

“I like your new spectacles”

“Thank you. I just got them last week. The optician was very helpful and made sure the shape of the frame suited my face.” 

“I will need a new pair soon” 

“Give my optician a call, here’s the number. Their prices are good too”

Online recommendations come in the form of online reviews by past buyers left on the hundreds of review platforms like Yelp, TripAdvosor and TrustPilot.

Managing Your Business Reputation

The easiest way to manage your online reviews and build your reputation is to use Reputation Management Software.

The first step is to make sure that your most recent good reviews are on your website. This is almost as good as old fashioned word of mouth. People trust online reviews. This is very cost effective and gets the word out there about your business.

You can also manage the whole review management process including sending texts or e mails asking for reviews, sorting the good from the bad ones and answering the reviews on various review platforms.

There is no real need to pay for advertising if you have customers who are willing to spread the word for free. Make sure your business reputation is as good as possible and start attracting more customers without impacting negatively on your bottom line

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