Learn how to project your voice

Make yourself heard

There is no point in speakers having a fantastic message if no one in the audience can hear what you have to say

Shouting is not the answer

There is a huge difference between shouting at an audience and projecting your voice. Shouting means you will be straining your voice. You could come over as aggressive to your audience or even out of control. Projecting your voice is more of a controlled voice situation.

Shouting will come from your throat while true voice projection comes from deep within you. So one of the first things to do is make sure your shoulders and neck are relaxed.

One of the most important thing to remember when you are projecting your voice is to breath properly. Deep breaths are better than shallow breaths.

Everyone has a unique way of speaking. Some people speak quietly while others make sure that they speak to the entire group when making conversation. As a speaker you need to make sure that everyone, including those at the back of the room, can hear you clearly.

Project your voice

How do you know

Next time you speak, ask a friend to come along and stand at the back of the hall. Check with them what level of loudness they can hear you clearly. You may speak to small groups like speaking on a cruise ship. On the other hand your audience could be in a large auditorium. You should be ready for either.

Possible causes for people not being able to hear you

Exercise your voice. Just like everything in your body, exercise helps keep you fit, strong and in great shape. Doing vocal exercises is no different. Find a vocal coach and strengthen your voice.

Nerves can be the cause. Nervousness can make your voice weak and stop you from being understood properly.

Look up. Not looking out to the audience can be a major obstacle in you not being heard during as speech.

Learn how to use your voice. This is not something that you can master overnight. It takes training and practice, To increase the volume of your voice without shouting skill that needs learned.

You can experiment with how good you already are at voice projection by playing with your voice in a large room. Remember that you need to have someone who you know will give you the brutal truth as feedback.

Check the following to see how you are doing:

  1. How loud can you speak when speaking naturally?
  2. How low can you speak with people understanding what you say?
  3. Can you make your voice boom?
  4. Can you make your voice squeak when needed?
  5. Remember that your voice is carried by the way you breathe. So be conscious of your breathing when practising.#
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