If You Are Going To Think, Then Think Big

If you are going to think, then think big. If you already think big then think even bigger.

Think big

I once gave a talk to an audience of a couple of thousands people. I asked this simple question; ‘who would like to be given a million dollars? No strings… its yours to do with what you want.’

Most people put up their hands.

I then said let’s think bigger and asked ‘who would like to be given a billion dollars? Same no strings deal’ Very few people put their hands up in response.

The reaction to my two questions wasn’t too unexpected. I had asked it many times before and got the same kind of responses. The fact that people thought that they wanted enough money just to be comfortable was a bit of a no-brainer. Of course most people want that. But give people the opportunity of having way too much of something and most people will not want this or at least not admit to wanting this.

When I asked why they would accept the lesser amount, I got many different replies. Some said having that amount of money was obscene. Others felt it would be greedy. Most simply replied with the phrase, what would I want with that amount of money.

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Think Big – Think Out The Box

I then reminded the audience that there was absolutely no strings attached to receiving either amount of money. In other words they could do whatever they wanted with the billion dollars that had hypothetically being offered to them. I made a few suggestions. They could divide it up and give sizeable amounts to family , friends or even strangers. Or they could give it to any good cause of the choice. Think of the good you could do for your favourite charity.

With that in mind I asked the same question again ‘would you want the billion dollars’. This time, having been reminded of the potential good that could be done, most people put the hands up,

Thinking Big Creates Opportunity


So there you have it most people will think reasonably small. It seems logical that we shouldn’t want more than is just enough to get buy on. Often all that people think about is how much they need for themselves.  They forget the by thinking big about business and personal situations they can make a difference and offer more to other people and to the world.

The truth is is that the people who have thought big in the past have often changed not only their own lives but also the lives of others. By thinking big many people and companies have changed the world.

Think of the good that local politicians can do for their community. Then think of world leaders who set about changing the world.

Are You Thinking Too Small?

So I will say it again – If you’re going to think at all then think big. If you already think big then think even bigger!

What is going on in your life right now, business or personal personal that needs to be expanded. Think, then think big, then think bigger! Thinking too small may result in your clients never returning to you

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