Meeting Your Soulmate

In some ways meeting your soul mate is easier today than it has ever been. The internet and modern technology means people are more connected and don’t need to rely on bumping into potential partners at the local bar or nightclub.

There is a flip side however to this seemingly easy access to dating. It all seems less personal. It used to be that you would meet someone and be attracted to them. Set up a date, then see how it goes from there. You would learn about the other person over time. It might take a few dates or many dates for you both to decide if you wanted to make a commitment.

But these days if you have met someone online, you will probably know all about them before you actually meet up. This is of course if you have both told the truth in the anonymous world of online dating.

So let’s look at a few ways in which you might meet your soulmate.

How to meet your soulmate

First Things First

Before we begin looking at ways to meet your soulmate lets get things right with you.

You are probably not going to meet Mr or Miss Right if you are not happy within yourself. To have someone be attracted to you, you first need to be attracted to yourself. This might sound a bit weird but stay with me.

Some people might think that loving yourself is egocentric or arrogant. But the truth is if you don’t love yourself and like being who you are then how on earth do you expect anyone else to like or love you?

Loving yourself is not about thinking you are better than other people nor is it about trying to be better than others. It all starts from within.

Get to know yourself by spending time alone. This doesn’t mean sitting in front of the television by yourself. Take time in a quiet place for you to reflect on who you are and what you want for yourself. You might even contemplate what you want a future partner to be like.

relationship baggage

Let Go Of Baggage

Think about lugging about your holiday suitcase all the time. It makes you tired. Carrying a lot of ‘stuff’ is wearisome. So just like in the physical world where you lay your vacation baggage aside, do the same with your emotional baggage.

Emotional baggage too is tiresome and will have an effect on future relationships unless laid aside.

Talk to someone about any past relationship issues you might be carrying and start your next relationship free from your heavy past.

dating couple out for meal

Know What You Want In a Partner

Before you do just about anything it is always best to know what you want. Have you ever gone to the supermarket without first making a shopping list? It can be a bit of a nightmare. Without a list you will probably come back home forgetting some of the things you wanted to buy. You will probably also come back with a few things you didn’t intend to put into your basket.

This isn’t usually too much of  a problem. After all you can always return and buy the items missed and will more than likely use the extra items bought. But the bottom line is that you didn’t get exactly what you went out to get.

More seriously if you end up with a person as your long term partner with traits you didn’t want in your soulmate you cant really return those traits after deciding you didn’t want them in a partner. Likewise if the person you end up dating is missing some of the essentials of what you feel you need to be in a stable and happy long term relationship they can’t just be added to his or her personality.

It is important you know what the important things are that you want in a long term partner. There will be some essential things like love, honesty and stability. There will also be some smaller seemingly less important things that would add to the relationship long term.

Try to discover what you want in a partner so that you will recognise them when they come into your life.

couple dating

Make Room In Your Life

Have you ever tried to squeeze one more item into an already full cupboard? It isn’t easy. Even if you do manage to get it in somehow it may be damaged or broken as a result.

Making room for a partner is the same. If you have a busy life and would like to add a serious relationship to it, you might be heading for trouble.

Clear space in your life before you enter into a relationship. Know the important things you can;t get rid of and clear the way by getting rid of the parts of your like that are unimportant to you or don’t bring you joy and happiness.

Squeezing a relationship into a life already crammed full of physical or emotional items can mean that neither of you are particularly happy in the relationship.

Time should be made in every serious relationship for yourself and for your partner. Even when you are in a relationship make sure you have time for yourself alone. Your partner will also need time for him/herself. And you need to make time for you to be together without doing anything. Quiet time spent together can enhance your relationship and keep it special and fun.

Ways to meet your soulmate online

Internet Dating

You may or may not feel comfortable with dating online. It is becoming one of the fastest ways for people to meet and date. It isn’t for everyone but if you haven’t tried it them give it a go.

flirting at work

At Work

There are some rules about flirting with a work colleague. But you just never know, your soulmate could be the person working next to you. Give someone you are attracted to at work a second glance.

socialising with friends


You could always try it the old fashioned way. Get your self out there and meet people. Go out with friends or try social dining groups. Your perfect partner is out there. So be ready to meet your soulmate.

Attract your perfect partner

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