How To Make Brainstorming Work For Your Business

Business brainstorming

Business Brainstorming Helps You Move Forward

One thing every successful business needs to do is move with the times.

What once worked for your business may have become stale over time. Customers like freshness in the businesses they buy from. There are numerous examples of businesses that failed because they didn’t accommodate the changing needs of shoppers.

One of the best way to keep your business fresh is to brainstorm.

Gathering your staff together three or four times a year for a business brainstorming session can spark creative ideas. These ideas can keep your business fresh and keep customers coming back.

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 Unblock The Creativity

Your sessions need to be positive and creative for your business brainstorming session to work. The problem with some brainstorming sessions is that they can become less creative and more life a lecture by the boss.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere for your brainstorming session is vital to get creative ideas that will be helpful from the group. However even the best business leader or a brainstorming session can find that the group gets a bit stuck for ideas. Below are a few tips to put the creativity back into your brainstorming session.

Shake It Up


Keep your group alert and creative is the key to a good brainstorming session.  Try moving things around a bit.

Get your group to walk around the room while coming up with ideas. Get them move around and possibly even give each of them a pen and pad to jot ideas down as they move.

Free-flowing movement is good or you can give them instructions. “Stand with your backs to the wall”, “touch your nose” or “Walk backwards” By suggesting things they don’t expect you can release their creative juices and get some amazing ideas.

Try moving the furniture into unusual positions. For instance you can get them to turn their chair upside down and then get them to perch themselves on it. By doing this you will give your group’s brains a little workout.

Introduce Creativity

messy table

It is important you don’t hold your brainstorming session in a stuffy old boardroom. Choose a room which is full of ‘things’. The more unusual items in the room the better.

Make sure you have a room away from other people. Your group may be inhibited if they feel non group members can hear and see them

Encourage all ideas so making sure your group are relaxed is important. As a result your group will have more great ideas. Tell your group right at the start of the session that there is no bad or silly suggestions.

Be sure to bring a bag full of colourful ‘stuff’. The more colours you have around the place the more creative your group might be. Lay out toys on the table and sketch pads with coloured crayons. encourage the group to pick up any item at any time. Have odd bits of wood or material laying on the table.

Don’t neatly lay the items on the table. Have them on the table the way they are emptied out of the bag.

Mind Map

mind mapp

Preparation is everything. Have a whiteboard or flip chart in the room. Because the point of mind-mapping is that one idea sparks another. In return this sparks another until your whiteboard is covered with creative ideas.

Mind-mapping creates a visual picture on the board that will help with group creativity.

First create a central idea and write it on the board. This is the idea from which other ideas can branch off. Invite the group to shout out the first thing that comes into their head from the previews word or phrase on the board.

Keep your business vibrant by brainstorming as often as you can. By doing this you will be sure to keep your business vibrant and appealing to potential customers.

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