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Have you ever lost your house key or that phone number you scribbled down on a piece of paper? You searched everywhere and just couldn’t find it anywhere, But, as soon as you stopped looking, there it was, right in front of you. The same principle can work when you are looking for a husband or life partner. The harder you look the less likely you are to find him. So what is the answer? Simply stop looking!

As well as stopping yourself searching for a husband, below are a few other things you might want to consider when entering a romantic relationship.

Examine Past Relationships

Explore what part you played in your previous relationships not working out. How did these past boyfriend relationships start? What did you find attractive and unattractive your last partner and previous relationships?

How to Find a Husband

Finding a husband may be simpler than you think. Below are a few things to consider when you are single and would like to be in a long term relationship and find a husband.

Identify Relationship Patterns

Identify any Patterns in the last two or three serious relationships you had. Look for patterns in these relationships, if you find any, really examine what is going on so that you can have the next boyfriend turn into your husband.

Identify Your Needs

What do you want in your ideal relationship and why  is that important to you? It is important you get to the bottom of the why bit. Be honest with yourself.


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Identify Your Ideal Partner

What characteristics will your ideal partner have? What is important to you? Is that person able to provide you with the kind of relationship you want? Again, be honest, really visualise your partner in every day situations within your ideal relationship, Do they match?

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Finding Your Future Husband

You have identified the kind of husband you are looking for. You have spent time working on yourself and now recognise your own beauty and value in this world. So what’s next and where do you find him?

Ask yourself, where does the kind of person I want to meet go? If you have done your homework properly it will be the kind of place you want to go also. Call a friend and get out there, have fun, enjoy yourself, be open and love what you are doing. Don’t panic if the right person doesn’t arrive immediately. Hopefully you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice, but one day you’ll look up… and your partner will be there. Just like the time you found your house key when you weren’t looking for it.
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How to find a husband

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