How To Create a Buzz Around Your Business

create a business buzz

Get People Taking

The best way to get customers talking about your business is to create a buzz. Of course you can get new business by advertising, marketing or promoting your business through social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But these can be expensive.

By creating a buzz about your business, you can get people talking about it organically. People love to talk about their experiences. Just think of a friend recently returning from holiday. Did they tell you about the flight delay or the fantastic service they received at the hotel. Did they talk about the waiter who went the extra mile serving them cocktails from the bar in the evening. And did they tell you over and over again about the great deal their travel agent got them on the holiday package. As I said, people love to talk about their experiences.

Buzz and Your business

You can make the most of the fact that people like to tell their stories by giving them something great to talk about when it comes to your business. Unlike advertising creating a business buzz can be very inexpensive and have greater success.

create a buzz for your business

7 Tips on creating a business buzz

  1. Connect with your audience. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Although you would probably like to have them all buy from you that isn’t always realistic. You need to know your audience and then target them. Define your target market. Once you have the attention of the audience that is right for your product they will start to tell others about it. Have you ever heard of Tiktok? I hadn’t. That’s because I am not their target audience. Tiktok don’t really care that I had not heard about them until recently. That is because as a man in my, well lets just say over 40, I am not their target audience. I decided to do a little non-scientific market research. I asked people in their 30s, 40s and beyond if they had heard of Tiktok. Most said no. Bus when I asked people under 20 years old they all looked at me as if to say, duh, yeah! Tiktok has 500 million active users. It created a real buzz about their product to their target audience without the rest of the world noticing.
  2. Think long term. Be patient. Building a buzz can take a while. But don’t be put off by the time it takes. Starting to create your business buzz now means it will happen sooner rather than later.
  3. Get yourself known. As a business owner you need to get yourself known. Think of people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. All three have successful business empires, but we also know the person behind the brand. Creating a buzz about your business means getting the word out there. Who better to do that that you, the owner. Write articles, be interviewed on radio or television and be the go to person when a reporter wants to know the answer to a question about the business sector you are in.
  4. Turn a new product launch into an event. Product launches can sometimes be boring. Events spark the idea of fun and party. When Bill Gates launched a new Apple product he turned the product launch into a spectacular event. He built anticipation so as to get people waiting for the date with excitement. When Bill Gates talked about one of his new products people listened. And after they had listened to him, they told all their friends about the event and the product. Gates was an expert in event type product launches.
  5. Be passionate about your business. If you want people to be excited about your business you need to lead the way. You need to believe in what your business is about and be passionate about the products and services you deliver. Passion, like laughter is infectious. Your passion will rub off on those you meet and in turn their passion will transfer to the people they meet too.
  6. Network. You might think networking was a relatively new concept. If you thought that you would be wrong. For centuries people have been meeting and chatting about just about everything. They would meet in town squares and places of worship. Networking is about meeting people. It is not about trying to sell your business. Today business people network through organisations like Chamber of Commerce. Although many networking events have business topics there is also a very social aspect to business networking. Meeting people face to face builds trust. People who trust you and your business will freely talk about you and your business. Often, they will do this without any prompting from yourself. Networking can be one of the top ways to create a buzz for your business.
  7. It’s the people that matter. Remind your staff, and yourself, that without customers your business is nothing. People are going to talk about your business whether you like it or not. They will talk about your business by telling people about the good or bad service they have received. To create a buzz for your business you want to make sure they are talking your business up and not dragging it down. The service you provide is a big part of buzz creation. Remind your staff that service is before, during and after. The service you offer begins way before the customer even knows you exist. This is all about your business reputation. It is what people hear about your business from friends eager to share their experience after buying from you. Service during a transaction is important as it shows the customer that you and your staff are knowledgeable about your product and business. It means training your staff on the product and also on how to deal with customers. After sales service is possibly one of the most important aspect of creating a business buzz. A followup email soon after the customer has bought from you will go a long way. A reminder a few months later letting them know that you are there for them should the have any questions about their purchase. After sales service costs very little and can mean your happy customers talk about your business and products to anyone who will listen.
Business reputation

In conclusion

Creating a buzz about your business is about you putting the effort in to help people talk positively about your business or product. People see through cheap gimmicks and will usually give companies using these tactics a wide berth. Hearing how fantastic your company is from friends or online can give people confidence to buy from you and turn potential customers into lifelong ambassadors for your business

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