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Ask the universe for a partner

I realise that asking the universe for a partner might sound a bit weird to you, but stay with me here. After all you may have had a few relationships that didn’t work out in the past.

Our mind is very active most of the day, and it is just as active when we sleep. We very rarely think of absolutely nothing. Go on, try it now. Take 30 seconds to close your eyes and try to think of absolutely nothing. Not easy Huh?

The problem is that what starts as thoughts in our head tends to stay there. The most brilliant idea will never become anything if we you don’t get it out of your head and into the world. It will always simply remain as a thought.

So, in your head you probably have an idea of what your ideal partner might look like. This is of course presuming that you are single and would like to be in a relationship.

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Bring thoughts into the world

There are a few ways to make your thoughts real. You could simply say them out loud. Verbalising something and saying it out loud to yourself brings what is a silent, but real thought, into the real world. By saying it out loud you hear the words. They are out there.

Try it now. If you are on your own simply say your thought out loud. There you go, it is real. It has transcended from thought to reality. The problem with that is that your thought is only real for the time you hear it.  Unless you say it over and over you will soon forget it and it will again be in your head.

You could also tell a friend your thought. This again makes it real and has the added benefit of having you be accountable. Imagine you have a thought in you head that you are going to start living a more healthy lifestyle. You are going to start this new way of being on Monday. Monday comes and goes and you stick you your old ways, telling yourself “I missed that start date but I will definitely start next Monday”, No one knows you made that promise to yourself so no harm done. Telling a friend makes it more real. You are now accountable because your friend may ask you how you are doing with your new healthy lifestyle.

Tell the universe about your ideal partner

Write a letter to the universe about your ideal partner

The method I want to tell you about here is writing as letter. Don’t confuse writing a letter to the universe about meeting your ideal partner to writing a letter to your imaginary ideal pa partner. This is a letter to the universe. Just as the above the purpose of this letter is to get your ideas of what your ideal partner would look like and be like out of your head and into the universe. Get it in to reality.

How to start your letter to the universe

Before the emergence of e mails letter writing was one of the most common ways to communicate with people who lived a distance away. They tended to start with – Dear Jennifer or Hi Ben. One is a little more formal than the other. Start your letter whichever way your mood that day takes you. Do you feel formal or relaxed. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you begin writing it.

Write your letter as if you are writing to a friend who lives on the other side of the world about your dream person. In your letter to the universe about your ideal partner describe what he or she would look like. Write down what their nature would be like and how they would behave towards you. Would your ideal partner be tall,  and romantic. Would he or she want kids. Describe in this letter what his smile would be like or how she would look at you when you wakened in the morning.

If you are looking to find a partner in later life or are a single parent wanting to find a partner, include all the attributes your new partner might have.

Yes be specific. After all these are the thoughts about him/her that you have in your head.

write a letter about your ideal partner

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Be specific

Be specific about how this person would be and how being in a relationship with you would satisfy some of your wants and needs.

Your letter to the universe can also have requests. Remember you are transferring your inner most thoughts from your mind into the world.

Be siure to write this letter from a place of love and tenderness. This doesn’t mean be soppy and romantic in the letter. But bring the thoughts to the paper from your heart.  Write it with the intention of positive intention. It is not a list of demands. The letter is a manifestation of your thoughts of the man or woman you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

Before writing your letter

Before you write your letter, it might be good for you to try some grounding techniques. They don’t have to be long or in depth. The reason for doing one or more of these is to do something that gets you out of your physical and in touch with your spiritual side.

Grounding techniques may include, meditating, deep breathing, aromatherapy or taking a quick walk to clear your head.

What to do next

There is no need to send this letter to anyone. The act of writing it down is enough to get it out and into the universe. But you should read your letter from time to time. Maybe once a week or so. You may even want to write another letter in the future. Things might change.

When you do attract your ideal partner into your life. You might want to read the letter again as you could have a pleasant surprise that what you wrote came to fruition. The universe has a way of bringing towards us what we want if we just ask.

Find your perfect partner?

Join 100's of others who get our tips and advice right to their inbox


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