Speaking on a Cruise Ship

There are really only three things you need to get one of the most enjoyable speaking gigs going. To be a cruise ship speaker you need a great topic, an agent and have the ability to talk in front of an audience. Lets go through these one by one.

3 thigs to action to become a cruise ship speaker

What Topic Should You Choose

Really the topic should have all of the following elements to it. You don’t need to be an expert in the topic on which you will be speaking. However you do need to be passionate about speaking and about your topic and know at least as much, or more about your topic as those guests in the audience.

A cruise ship has guests from all walks of life so when you choose your speaking topic you should make sure that the average person will enjoy hearing about it. You don’t want to make it too technical and it must be something which is of interest to the majority of people or at least has them captivated.

Many people will come to hear you speak because of your topic even if it is something they know nothing about. Some people will come to hear you speak to be entertained. Others will come to learn something new. And yet others might come out of curiosity or because they are fed up lazing on the sundeck of the ship.

Remember these people are on holiday and so nothing too heavy is was is needed,

Become a cruise ship speaker

Find a Speaker Agent

You may already have an agent if you are a professional speaker. But I must stress that unless you are a well known person you will need an agent who specialises in booking speakers onto cruise ships.  Agents who specialise in booking speakers on to cruise ships know exactly who to speak to at the cruise line and also how to pitch you to them. Agents who book speakers for land gigs probably wont have the same approach, Speaking on cruise ships and speaking on dry land can be very different.

Speaking in Front of an Audience

I shouldn’t really need to put this section in but I am going to, fearing that I am stating the obvious.

I have been on cruises and listened to speakers who obviously are passionate about their topic. They have all the slides and the notes. They have the PowerPoint presentation and know their topic inside out. But what they certainly cannot do is speak well in front of an audience.

What do I mean by speaking well in front of an audience? Speaking is not just about, well, speaking. It is about presenting your topic in a way that your audience will listen. Most people can say the words but to be a good speaker, especially on a cruise ship, you need to be able to get your message across well.

Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Practice in front of audiences on land before trying your hand at speaking on a cruise ship. If your first speaking gig on a ship goes down poorly, the chances are you will not be invited back.

So as well as knowing your topic inside out, make sure you can deliver it confidently to a group of people on vacation.

Speaking on cruise ships

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How to become a cruise ship speaker

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