Ways to find a date

There are lots of ways to find a date. I am sure you might have tried quite a few already. Below are some that have brought results and where two single people looking for love have found it.

If you are new to the dating scene or it has been a while then maybe taking this dating course will help. It is online and you can take your time discovering the best way to find a partner.

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Take up an activity

There are some people who sit in the house all the time but would like to find a partner. Let me tell you, unless you are looking to date the person delivering your mail or milk, you are unlikely to fine one by doing this.

Find something you enjoy doing and look up clubs that organise that kind of activity. You will be amazed how many people meet get asked out on a date this way. If there are no groups in your area then start a club for single people yourself. It needn’t take a lot of organising and you are sure to meet a lot of really nice people. One of whom may be your next date.

couple cycling

Hire a matchmaker

Matchmakers are different from dating agencies. A matchmaker tends to be someone who will personally match you with someone else he or she knows. Matchmakers may run as businesses and so the matchmaker will match two people on their database with each other. A dating agency tends to have you sifting through many profiles of potential dates and you choosing the person or people you feel best suited to.

Remember a matchmaker need not be a business. Your friends can be your matchmakers. If they know that you would like to meet someone then chances are they are already looking for someone for you. But if not, ask them which single friends they have that might be a match for you.

You may think you know all of the friends your friends have. But their social network will go much further than you think. One of you friends may have a workmate who has a sister who has a friend. You just never know. Ask your friends to have a party and to invite some single people. If nothing else you will get to go to a great party.

matchmaker dating

Online Dating

Ten years ago online dating was in its infancy. Now it is probably one of the most popular ways to find a date.

Online dating is a numbers game. It works for some people because they are happy to go on quite a few dates to hopefully find a long term partner. Of course they might be lucky and meet Mr or Miss Right on the first date.

If you are tempted to try online dating be prepared to spend time dating various people.

Online dating might be best suited for someone looking to get out and have a few dates and who are not looking for a long term relationship.

online dating

Speed dating

Speed dating is a great idea if you want a night out where you will meet lots of new people. It appeals to some people but others will find the idea of speaking to a lot of people for a few minutes at a time awkward and off putting.

Speed dating does seem to work for a lot of people. So if you haven’t tried it before then give it a go. This is also an activity where you can go along with a few friends who are also looking to take part.

speed dating

Blind dates

Being set up on a blind date is either for you or not. There is no in between. For many people there will be few things that drive terror through their body than being set up on a blind date. But before you rule it out completely let’s have a think about it.

If one of your friends has taken the trouble of setting you up on a blind date then they must think you are a match. It would be a cruel friend who would set you up with someone they knew you wouldn’t get on with. Of course your friend wont know if there will be chemistry between you and your blind date, but they will know you will fundamentally get on.

Your friend would also know that this is a genuine person and that he or she is not already married or dating. So there are plenty of advantages of being set up on blind dates and if you have the courage then you really should give it a go.

Blind date

Dating by App

App dating is a bit different than online dating. Online dating is more of an overall profile match where you and other people will put in a picture of yourself as well as your likes and dislikes.

App dating is more about swiping left or right on your phone or tablet screen depending on whether you are attracted to the way someone looks.

This is becoming a very popular method to hook up with someone you might like the look of. Whether many of these dates end up in long term relationships is hard to know at this stage. Why? Because this style of dating has only been out a few years so no one has really been together long term

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So there you have it. A few ways that seem to work for lots of people when it comes to going on dates.  Of course you might want to just leave it to chance and hope you bump into your perfect partner in the supermarket isle. Even if you do think like this, there is no harm in giving your dating chances a bit of a boost.

Types of dating services

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