There may be lots of reasons why you might find yourself single in your sixties. You could be divorced, widowed, separated or possibly you have always been on your own.

There can be many benefits of dating when you are a bit older but there can also be some thing you might want to consider.

Things to consider when you date in your sixties

Previous partners

Most people, although not all, have been in at least one serious relationship by the time they reach sixty.

This can be great news and a real help in future relationships you have. You can draw on your experiences of what worked and what didn’t work in past relationships.

Once thing to remember is that you shouldn’t keep referring back to your past partners to your present partner. Of course in a healthy relationship no topic should be out of bounds to talk about. However talking about your past relationships too much can harm the relationship you have now.

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Couple in 60s dating

Dating and Widow

The question many people ask when it comes to relationships is, can a person love more than one person. I think the answer is a resounding yes.

Having had a loving relationship only to have had your partner taken away from you, there is nothing to stop you from finding love again.

Some people find this difficult and think it is like betraying their previous partner.  I don’t see it that way. Being in love with two people at the same time can cause friction and difficulties. But losing a partner and loving someone else after it is nothing to worry about.

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Many people in their sixties have children. You might think this would be an obstacle when it came to dating in later life.

If this was to be so much of an issue then you would hardly find anyone in their sixties dating.

You may have two different concerns when it comes to dating when you already have children.

The first is that you might feel a new partner will not want to date someone with children. Remember they too may already have children from a past relationship and so will welcome yours and part of the family. You will probably want to do the same.

Someone who dates you dates “all” of you. If a potential date doesn’t want to date you because you have children then he or she is not the right person for you. It is a bit like saying they don’t want to date you because you are too tall or too chatty. You wouldn’t change any of those things just to date someone and you won’t give up being a parent to date someone either.

Secondly, you might be worried about what your children might say about you dating again. In my experience, children want the best for their parents. They want to see you happy and if that means dating then that will make them happy too.

Dating in your sixties

Dating should be fun

Remember that you should only start dating if this is what you want for yourself.

People with the best intentions can push you into getting back into dating. They usually want this for you because they think it will make you happy.  They could be right. But the time to date is when you feel comfortable with it and feel you want companionship and live in your life. No matter if you are twenty six or sixty six, you singledom or being in a relationship should feel right and be fun.

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