Chasing Prospects

Chasing Business Clients

Chasing business prospects is a sure fire way to get no new clients.

Chasing after potential customers is just you living in the hope that your never-ending e mails to them will bring them to you. It doesn’t work like that.

Potential clients do not like being chased or hounded by people looking for their business.

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Your prospect needs to trust you

How do you gain the trust of potential clients and customers? First of all, stop trying to sell to them. Getting a potential client to trust you takes time. Just like any other business or personal relationship trust comes in time.

Sceptical prospects

Over the years prospects have become more sceptical. They are bombarded by so many emails and promises from businesses wanting to do business with them that most have decided not to trust any of them. By the time your sales e mail arrives in their inbox their experiences tells them that you are just another sales person and their defences go up straight away.

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Gaining trust

Gaining trust can take time. You need to move away from the old method of sell sell sell, and move towards gaining trust through education.

A few years ago I wrote a weekly column in a Sunday paper magazine. At first I didn’t receive any comments from readers, good or bad, about what I was writing. I confided in my editor that I was a but worried that my articles were not being well received. She had seen it all before. She told me to keep doing what I was doing for a few months and see what happens.

She was right. After a few months i began to get the odd email from readers letting me know that they had been reading my column every week and liked what they read.

You see what was happening was that the readers were waiting to be sure that they felt I knew what I was talking about before trusting me. Many went on to follow my column for the 4 years or so that I wrote it.

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Building trust

Building trust takes time. Push push pushing potential clients just does not work. Show them that you know your business and that what you have will help them.

Once they feel they can trust you, then and only then will they consider giving you their business. Instead of trying to sell them something as a cold call. Educate them by giving them something of value that educates them about a problem they have. This can be a free report or a tip sheet. You are not selling you are educating. And by educating you are building trust.

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