5 Questions Every Business Must Answer

No matter what type of business you are in, there are 5 categories of questions your customers will ask. Once you are prepared to answer these questions your business will gain trust and attract more customers.

When customers search the internet for a product or service they may type in a question to help them find the correct product. If your site answers that question you will take a step closer to having that person buy from you.

Make sure you think of the questions your customers might want to ask. Make a list of them and then answer them on your website for people to find.

Customer questions

1. What is the cost of product or service?

The price of your product or service may not be the first thing potential customers want to know. However it will be on their “want to know” list.

It would be naive of you to think, that the customer will be satisfied not to know the price you charge. You may feel you don’t want to display prices on your website because this will let competitors know your prices. Believe me they will find out if they want to. Display your prices and answer this vital customer question.

2. Will you be able to solve the problem?

The word problem can also be substituted for want or need. A shopper may want or need to buy a new vacuum cleaner. You sell vacuum cleaners. The potential customer wants to know that your product will do the job, hence solving the problem

3. Product and service comparisons.

Shoppers will rarely look at one product when they want to buy. Comparing different products that will do a similar job is becoming the norm. The internet makes it very easy for people to compare similar products. This means that you need to be able to answer any questions the customer has about why your product is better suited than others in the market.

4. What reviews are past customers leaving?

When someone wants to buy a product or service they want to know what good and bad experiences past customers of the same product have had. Finding these reviews has become very simple because of online review platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor and many more.

online reviews

5. Will I get value for money.

Value for money is different than price.

The price of a product or service is a stand alone number. The price of whatever it is that you are selling gives no clue to the value for money.

Value for money takes in a lot more than just the price. Some people will consider spending more when buying the same product because of the perceived value for money.  One of your competitors may sell the same product as you for cheaper. But you offer an outstanding after sales service. This may be important to some people and feel that although more expensive they will get better value for money when buying from you.

You need to be aware of the different emphasis your customers put on value. Find out what is important to them when buying whatever it is you sell.

Answer before they ask

Many people when shopping around for a product won’t take the time to pick up the phone to you and ask questions. They will search online for the answers. Make sure you have answered their questions on your website so that search engines and potential customers will find the answers for themselves.

If they find you have already answered their questions they will be much more inclined to visit your store or contact you for further information.

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