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I would like to interview 100 leaders who specialise in relationship coaching. The interview would be 100 seconds long. Yes that’s correct. 100 interviews, each lasting 100 seconds.

If you are, or know anyone who may be interested in doing this please let me know. You do not need to be a relationship therapist or counsellor. You do however need to be someone who works in the field of relationships.

This could be anything relationship based. You may be involved in the dating industry, or work with singles or couples. If you are involved in the area of relationships and want to have me interview you for 100 seconds please get in touch.

I will ask you as many quick-fire questions as I can during this ultra short interview (so be prepared to keep your answers short and concise)

My intention is to put the interviews on our YouTube channel and on one of our websites. www.pramaze.com and/or www.frankshapiro.com

About me

I am a public speaker and coach. Speaking and Coaching is what I have done for many years. I speak and coach on all sorts of topics and work with many different types of people. My topics vary; General Wellbeing, Business Issues, and Relationships. I also work with single people who want to be in a relationship as well as couples who are already enjoying a fulfilling relationships.

I am based in the UK but our sites are worldwide and the audiences for these interviews will be  worldwide. www.pramaze.com is a site where we have online course with a variety of topics. Once such course is on Attracting your ideal partner hence the reason I want to do these interviews.

one to one coaching

About you

  • You are male or female
  • Involved in any aspect of relationships
  • You are over 18 years old and under 150 years old
  • Able to do the interview on the computer (webinar) All this means is that you have a microphone and web cam to use during the interview
  • You can be anywhere in any part of the world
  • You need to speak English, as this is the only language I can speak.
couple in a relationship laughing

Why Would You Want to Take Part?

Well hopefully people will watch the interviews and so you will get some exposure. The interviews are not meant to be too serious. They should be informative but my hope is that we have a bit of fun with them. In the interview you will be able to share important relationship tips for others to take on board.

100 second interviews relationships

A Few Rules

  • By taking part you give us permission to use your interview on YouTube and websites and any other place and media
  • You can use the interview for your own personal or business use but the video will have our logo on it and this cannot be removed.
  • My intention is to use every interview I do but there is always a possibility your interview will not be used.
  • There is no payment to you for doing the interview
  • There is no payment by you for doing the interview
  • You must be 18 years of age or over (no upper limit)
  • You agree that we can edit the interview
  • I will ask as many of the following questions (and maybe a few more) as possible, during the 100 second interview
  1. What is your name
  2. In which city/country do you live
  3. Give me 1 sentence that describes you
  4. If you had one tip for someone who is single but would like to be in a relationship, what would it be?
  5. In your opinion what makes a strong long-lasting relationship between two people.
  6. Who is your inspiration in life and why?
  7. What is your number 1 tip making your next romantic kiss your last FIRST kiss?
  8. What is the best chat up line you have heard.
  9. How do you personally get over disappointment?
  10. What is the best advice (relationship or otherwise) that you have been given?

Interested? Get in Touch

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