dating Look at me. I dress well and I look great. You want to date me because I am the kind of person you would look at walking down the street.

the dating game Listen to what I have to say about myself. You do really want to date me because I can make all your dreams come true. So come on, let’s date

How to get a dateHave you seen the car I drive and the house I live in? I have enough material things to allow you to be with me without any cares or worries.

Attracting the right person to date

There are a lot of people who think that how you look, what you say or what you have will get them the right people to date. More often that not this approach just doesn’t work. You ideal date is probably not looking for material things in a potential partner. He or she is looking for someone with whom they can enjoy being around and sent time with.

What is your relationship based on

Relationships that last are based on much more than looks, talk or possessions. People can see through the facade and decide pretty quickly if the person behind all these things is right for them. Let’s face it, people can easily hide behind these things and be pretending to be someone they are not. One night stands or very short relationships can cope with this. However when you are looking for a serious relationship it is best just to be yourself. That way you will attract the right person towards you. It is a two way street. So remember don’t be seduced by how someone looks, their apparent wealth or what they say about themselves.

couple kissing

Take your time

There is no rush. Take time to find out who you might be potentially dating. Look at them from a distance. How do they interact with their friends? What is their behaviour like when they don’t think anyone is looking?

Your own 1 2 3

the 1 2 3 of dating

Decide whether you want a short term relationship or whether you are keen to settle down with someone long term. If short term is fine with you then you might be fine with the 1 2 3 above. However if you prefer date with the possibility of this person being “the one”

the 1 2 3 of dating

Try to look through what you see in the physical person. Of course looks can be important to some people but to others they are quite far down the list of important attributes in a long term partner. Opposites often do attract. But make sure that the person you are about to date holds the same life values as you do.

the 1 2 3 of dating

Even once you begin dating this person. Check that you are both looking for and wanting the same things from your relationship. Stay attracted to and attractive to your partner by talking about your personal goals, needs and ambitions as an individual. Have the same checklist for you as a couple.

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